Flour Experiment (migrated)

(originally posted Feb. 2, 2010)

The theory goes that if you sprinkle flour on the floor of a room you think may have activity, leave that room, and make sure no one goes in or out, if there are entities present who are willing to do it, they will leave footprints (or other signs) in the flour.

My own experience with this method of contact has been that it does work. When I was much younger, we lived in a truly haunted home, and my step-sister and I did this experiment – and had results.

On January 27, I decided to conduct this experiment in my office. I ensured there would be no interference either from the cats or from me or my husband. The results were very intriguing to me, to say the least…

Please share your insights, thoughts, suggestions, and questions on what you see and hear. I’m very interested in knowing if what you see and hear is what I saw and heard…


What do you think?