Birthday Guests, Continued (migrated)

(originally posted Feb. 9, 2010)

During the party on Saturday night, my sister and I, along with her husband Greg, and my and Roger’s friend Rene, went downstairs to smoke. While we were down there, we talked about the unexplained events that have been occurring in the house. Greg, being a medium, “tuned in” to the energies, while Charity (my sister) and I took turns taking pictures.  We captured some interesting anomalies that have no immediate explanation.

On Sunday morning, at 2am, I set up the voice recorder in the office. Something told me to do this, and to do it quietly – in other words, without extending either an invitation or a request to the entities present in our home – and let it run overnight. I am still reviewing the audio, but so far, there have been a multitude of sounds I cannot identify or explain.  The office door was closed; the cats were sleeping in a different area of the house.  Roger said he got up once and came into the office, and that he made a point of announcing himself when he did it so that I would know what was what.

Since the party, I have had a great deal of trouble sleeping.  Last night was very bad. Every time I closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep, I heard several people talking close by.  When I was able to doze off for a few minutes, I went into a state of lucid-dreaming, only to hear those discussions more intensely, as if they were taking place among living people standing close to me.

By 5am, the constant disruptions were too much, and, speaking out loud and as clearly as I could, I said, “Stop, please! I’m exhausted; I need to get some sleep!”  Half an hour later, I heard Roger get up to feed the cats their breakfast. Then, I finally fell asleep……. and was awakened about an hour later because my body was in screaming agony.

Early last week, Roger’s lunch bag was somehow pushed off the middle of the stove, to land on the kitchen floor.  We don’t know how that happened, but it hasn’t happened again.  Then, on Thursday, I started noticing the lights in the office and in the kitchen flickering off and on.  The kitchen bulb burned out, and we replaced it with a new one the day of the party; the office bulb was replaced only a few weeks ago with a new one.

Video – which will include some of the audio clips captured so far – will be posted as soon as the audio review is completed.


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