Sleeping With Ghosts (migrated)

(originally posted Apr. 3, 2010)

(NOTE: The blog URL used in this video is being closed down)

Roger and I both have had a lot of trouble sleeping, lately. Bad dreams, feelings of being watched, general restlessness, dramatic temperature changes – only some of which can be explained by changes in the weather… I have even been physically touched on at least two occasions, recently.

After discussing it, we both agreed we should set up the voice recorder and let it run in the bedroom overnight.  So, between the hours of 12:50am and 5:30am on April 2, we put the cats out of the room, closed the door, and got the voice recorder going.  What we captured surprised us, and left us wide-eyed and speechless….

Please watch in HQ (480p) for best video quality, and wear headphones to better hear the audio that was captured.  We look forward to hearing your questions, insights, and suggestions about what you see and hear…

What do you think?