And More Strange Happenings (migrated)

(originally published Oct. 24, 2011 as “Event Update”)

A couple of new events have occurred in the house since the last posting on October 4. In the past week, there have been two occasions in which a large blob-like shadow has appeared while I’ve been watching TV.

The first occurrence was during the day, while Roger was at work. A large, dark shadow with no definable shape moved across the wall by the top of the stairs that lead to the front door. There were no vehicles, animals, or people outside at the time, nor were there any low-flying planes in the area that could cast that kind of shadow. Charlie and Rascal were asleep on the love seat when this event occurred.

The second occurrence was at about two in the morning. Roger was in bed, sleeping; as usual on a work night, the bedroom door was closed. I had the table lamp on, and while watching TV, a large shadow with no definable shape moved in front of the light, throwing the living room into near total darkness for roughly two to three heartbeats. On this occasion, Charlie, who was sleeping soundly on my chest, bolted awake, turned himself around to face the TV, and began tracking something I could not see. Whatever he was watching moved from left to right near the ceiling, then went directly overhead and stayed there for several seconds – and then, it just disappeared. When it disappeared, Charlie went back to sleep; while he was tracking it, however, his eyes were wide as saucers, his fur was up, and his ears were slightly back, not forward like they usually are.

In the past week, there have been several occasions where I’ve been puttering around the house, and suddenly, the hair on the back of my neck stands up and I sense I am not alone. I know that if I turn around, I won’t actually see anyone standing there, but I turn around anyway.

For the past few nights, at around the same time each night – between 1:30am and 2am – I have heard extremely loud banging. I have checked the furnace and the heating ducts, and they are fine. Also, these odd sounds are specifically repetitious:  4 very hard bangs that actually cause the floor to vibrate, as if someone is pounding the ducts with their fist.

While I do not sense any potential malice, I do feel on edge when I’m alone in the house, and I’m thinking about setting up the voice recorder for an overnight session. My digital camera is not functioning properly, so running video isn’t an option. But if I run the voice recorder and capture anything, I can upload the files and present them here for analysis.

Although I am puzzled by these recent events, I am not frightened by them. If anything, I appreciate the opportunity to study this phenomena, and I hope to find the cause for its appearance.


What do you think?