Time To Clean House (migrated)

(originally published Nov. 2, 2011)

As documented in the previous post, we have been experiencing some unsettling events in our home. Large, dark, blob-like shadows moving across the walls and loud banging are two of the events we’ve been experiencing.

There are further events to report. Charlie has become increasingly clingy and jumpy. Rascal – who is usually oblivious to everything – is also becoming clingy, which is totally out of character for her. Roger recently informed me that he, too, has heard very loud banging and knocking on the walls that he hasn’t been able to explain. He also stated that these events have occurred when I have not been home.

We have investigated the heating ducts, furnace, and refrigerator in an attempt to find the source of these bangs and knocks.  So far, we have not been able to locate a cause, nor have we been able to replicate the sounds we’ve been hearing.

I am not sleeping properly. I fall asleep, and then, an hour or so later, I’m suddenly awake, for no apparent reason. This goes on all night, and by morning, I’m exhausted to a degree that makes it very difficult for me to function properly throughout the day.

While I am not frightened by these events, I do feel wary and unsettled. I do not have a sense that there is harmful intent, but I also sense that the cause of these disruptions is not harmless, either. These events are not isolated to evening incidents; they are occurring during the day, as well, and I am becoming concerned for the health and well-being of us and our cats.

In an effort to resolve these events, I am going to conduct a house cleansing. We will take further measures only if this fails – and I do not expect failure. Meanwhile, I will continue  documenting events as they occur, as we know, now, that they are not isolated incidents.


What do you think?