Lights On (migrated)

(originally published Nov. 11, 2011)

Yesterday morning (Nov. 10), about ten minutes after my husband left for work, I left my office to use the powder room. The house was dark; all lights were off.  I returned to my office and closed the door (Charlie comes in and immediately heads for exposed cords, to chew on them).  About two hours later, I left my office to refresh my coffee, and I found the kitchen light on. I have no explanation for this event.

Yesterday evening, while my husband and I were watching a movie, I heard and felt a thump on the floor directly beneath my feet, both of which were on the floor. It was as though someone was downstairs knocking on the ceiling. I have no explanation for this event.

Last Saturday (Nov. 5), during a visit with a friend, that friend suddenly jumped in her chair – which faced the kitchen – pointed at the doorway between the hall and the kitchen, and exclaimed that she saw a tall shadow person standing there, peeking around at us. My back was to the kitchen, so I did not see this shadow figure myself, but based on the events that have been occurring, on the fact that my friend had no knowledge of what we’ve been experiencing, and on her intense reaction – she was visibly shaken, and very pale – I am inclined to believe her.

We have checked and re-checked the furnace, heating ducts, and refrigerator in attempts to identify the source of the bangs and knocks. We have also checked and re-checked the strapping around our plumbing pipes to make sure they have not come loose. Everything is as it should be – leaving us with no explanations as to the cause of the noises we’re hearing.


What do you think?