A Spiritful Evening (migrated)

(originally posted Sept. 13, 2009)

On September 10, I did an audio and video session in my living room. The session lasted an hour and twenty minutes, and the results not only surprised me, but they also showed me that we have what’s called an “intelligent haunt” in our home, as well as our usual “residual haunt.” This thrilled me beyond measure…

(NOTE:  An intelligent haunt is a spirit or entity that has knowledge of its environment and who is in it. It also has the ability to interact and communicate with the living. A residual haunt is a psychic imprint of a past event that is being continuously replayed, and the entity or entities are completely unaware of the living who are experiencing their presence.)

I apologize in advance for the bad lighting quality.  It rendered okay during the editing process, so I don’t understand what happened.




If you hear something different than what I heard, please let me know. And if you saw something more than what was pointed out in the video, please let me know.  All questions and suggestions are welcome, as are opinions – even those which differ from or disagree with ours – so please don’t hesitate to share them with us.  Feedback is an important part of this work, as it allows for growth and it encourages further review and study.

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