The Birthday (migrated)

(originally posted Nov. 16, 2009)

On November 14, Roger and I went out for his birthday dinner. We were gone for just under two hours, and no one else was in the house.  We set the webcam to record, and this was the result.

Unexplained events are increasing in our house. We are experiencing unusually cold spots, unusual and unaccounted-for smells, and we have been seeing shadows and hearing whispers, particularly in the living room.  While sleeping, Roger has been experiencing very graphic and upsetting nightmares; I have been awakened by intense sensations of being stared at, and I have felt the bed cover being pushed down at my feet – despite the fact that both the cats are not in the bedroom, and the bedroom door is closed.  The cold spots in the house seem to travel, and they occupy an unusually large amount of space.

Through voice recordings and audio captures on the webcam, we have learned that we may have somehow picked up an energy with a bit of a potty-mouth. However, all attempts to learn the name of this entity have, to date, failed, and we have not, as yet, been able to determine where it came from.

What do you think?