The migration of postings from the other blog site – which will be closed down – is finally completed. Whew! It’s only taken two days to achieve that; that has to be a personal-best record for me. LOL

Seriously, though, content appearing on this site from this point forward will be new. So, let me bring everyone up to date.

My house has been blessedly quiet for the past while. I don’t feel that our “residents” (as I like to call our ethereal people) have actually left the house – there isn’t a sense of emptiness here; rather, I feel they’re just quietly observing us until such time as they feel they need to get our attention. I wonder if that will happen when I resume the renovation work in my office that I’ve been doing since last November…

As for investigations, we have a training session coming up this weekend – weather permitting – and one on July 28 at a private residence. We are also trying to co-ordinate our schedules so that we can set up a meeting with Heritage Park’s Board of Directors (or someone authorized to speak for them), to investigate the Canmore Opera House. There have been a lot of reports about that building, and we would love an opportunity to investigate those reports. Calgary has such a rich history for its young age; it was settled by pioneers who lived, worked, loved, played, fought, and died here, and if they’re given the opportunity to share their stories, then we want to be there to let them.

Because we’re a prairie province, much of our work is dependent upon weather. We do not conduct outdoor investigations during inclement weather; there’s too much risk for contamination of potential evidence. So, we are always searching for locations where we can either be indoors, or, at the very least, reasonably protected from any inclement elements. It makes our investigations a bit more scarce than other teams may experience, but when we do investigate a location, we’re very thorough, and we cover every possible area to the best of our abilities.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at right now. Stay tuned, because we’re just getting started… 🙂


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  1. Hey sis, I think I did everything to comfirm the subscription. Sweet of you to want to make me a “special member” I find it very cool and interesting what you are doing here. Good luck with the new blog! Love your bro

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