Baker Sanitorium: First Visit


The visit to Baker Park (formerly, the Baker Sanatorium) was short but very interesting. Due to time restrictions and swarms of mosquitoes, we were unable to spend more than about half an hour in the area, but the session was enlightening, none the less.

We arrived at the location at approximately 9:30pm. There were three other vehicles in the parking area, but no people in sight. The park is not massive (58 acres), but it is well groomed and heavily treed, with a lot of open areas suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. Interestingly, there is no playground, so the park is better suited for adults and dog-walkers than children.

Our first point of investigation was a four-pillared area called Wildflower Mount, located on a small mound at the top of a set of wide concrete steps just a few feet away from the parking area.  Within a few seconds of looking around, we started getting swarmed by mosquitoes.  Michelle went down to the main path that leads to what’s called the Sun Bowl – a paved circular area overlooking the Bow River – while I stayed behind to conduct a short EVP session. I followed Michelle down to the Sun Bowl after only a couple of minutes; the mosquitoes were just too bad.

To the west of the Sun Bowl is a little seating area. I felt pulled there, so we decided to try conducting an EVP session there. We did notice that there were a few people sitting on a bench about fifty feet north of us, so I set the voice recorder on a statue of bears and quietly began a quick EVP session. Michelle took a walk along the west path to do her EVP session and to take some photos. Michelle began walking back to the seating area, saying her camera batteries had died. When she got to the stone seat, however, her camera began to work again. I attempted to replicate her experience; I had no issues except blurry photos.

We began to get swarmed by mosquitoes again, so we decided to walk down the west path together and conduct an EVP session during the walk itself. There were no other living people in the area.  We went into an open area encircled by tall evergreens, intending to try to do some EVP work and perhaps run video, but the minute we stopped moving, we both began to get swarmed by mosquitoes. We had no choice but to get moving again.

We stopped for a moment at the public washrooms. Michelle took a short walk into the trees to the left of the building, while I made my way back to the parking area. We had decided to meet at her vehicle to get away from the mosquitoes for a few minutes and discuss what area to cover next. Unfortunately, we did not get back outside; the mosquitoes were just too bad, and the park gate was about to close. We had no choice but to leave.

While at this location, both Michelle and I experienced sensations of being watched, feelings of being sick, and a sense of oppressiveness.  We were unable to spend as much time there as we had hoped to, but based on initial review of the audio, we feel a follow-up visit is in order. We are hoping to return to the park later in the season, when the worst of the mosquitoes are gone.

Because of the swarming issues, we did not do any video in this training session. We did take still photos, however, and when the audio analysis is completed and ready for sharing, we will include some of those photos in our results, which will be posted in the next couple of days. Stay tuned…

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