Last night, at around 2am, I was sitting at my computer doing some work, when out of the corner of my eye, I caught some movement in my kitchen, near the hall entrance. I looked towards the wall, but saw nothing, so I returned to what I had been doing, thinking I was just imagining things.

About ten minutes later, I caught movement from the corner of my again – this time, whatever I caught moving was a little further into the kitchen, rather than at the entrance from the hall. But when I looked full-on towards the wall, there was nothing there. However, my cat Charlie – who had been sleeping on the loveseat in the living room – woke up and seemed to be agitated. He became quite vocal, as if he was responding to someone or something I couldn’t see, and then, he came to me and started pushing against my legs as if trying to hide.

This event occurred at least twice more, and then, it stopped.

Earlier tonight, the event occurred again. I was sitting at my computer, which is on my dining room table (my office is in a state of renovation), reviewing audio from our Baker Park training investigation. My husband was in bed asleep, and both cats were sleeping on the love seat.  A rather large shadow crossed the wall near my dishwasher, and then disappeared. I said hello and then waited to see if anything further would happen. So far, there has been nothing further. However, I do find myself continually looking into the hallway, near my husband’s Sanctuary room (he is a Buddhist)…

In other news, review of the first of two audio files collected from our Baker Park visit is completed.  Analysis of the second file has begun…

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  1. hi Holly. I made a blog here a long time ago, like maybe a year or 2 i think 2 years ago… lol…. anyway.. SO you are having happenings in your hallway and kitchen again… keep u sposted 🙂

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