Baker Park Evidence Review

The analysis of all the audio collected during our training investigation at Baker Park is nearly complete.  Photos will be uploaded to the Gallery soon.

Unfortunately, no video will be made for this investigation. Windows MovieMaker – the video-editing program I normally use – is not working. It cuts off audio and is not advancing the frames. It “sticks” on one frame, and that’s where it stays. The counter continues to count off each frame as it’s playing, but the frames themselves do not advance.  Our webmaster suggested that I try VideoPad Editor – which I did. I like the program; it does exactly what I need it to do. Unfortunately, I was only able to “try it out”;  the trial period expired, and though I waited more than a month before attempting to download it again, when I did try, I was told that I had to buy the program if I wanted to use it.

So, I am now searching for another video-editing program that will meet my needs and expectations. The software program I would like to buy – Adobe Elements 10 (or is it 12 now?) –  is completely out of my price range; free programs are all I am able to afford. Unless, of course, someone has the money for the Adobe Elements program just kicking around, and they like my movie-making work so much that they’re willing to help me get it – in which case, they can visit the website and click on the “Donate” button on the Home page….

The Baker Park investigation was an amazing place worthy of repeated visits. Michelle did an awesome job; working with her was a real joy. She took direction very well, she took initiative when she felt compelled to, she wasn’t afraid to ask questions or make suggestions, she was enthusiastic…. It was a fantastic training investigation, and I look forward to continuing to work beside her in future investigations.

Our next booked investigation is on July 28 at a private residence. My daughter has lived in her home for a couple of months, now, and though she has not had any issues, she has asked us to do the investigation, “… so that I have peace of mind.” I feel this will be a great experience for Michelle, as she will be interacting with a client. This is the most important part of the training process; being able to interact with clients in a way that makes them feel heard and less stressed makes all the difference to the progress and outcome of an investigation.

When the mosquito population has begun to die off and being swarmed is no longer a concern, I hope to take Michelle to what has proven in the past to be one of the city’s most active cemeteries. She has shown signs of being sensitive to the Other Side, and I am more than a little interested in seeing if and how she responds to the environment.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and is following us. A special thanks goes to my bro, Shawno, who has stuck with us right from the get-go and followed us as we’ve ventured into new experiences and new territories. He is our Number One Fan, and I for one love him dearly.

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  1. Hey sis looking forward to the new investigation. Hopefully you will be able to find a new video editor that you like. Free ones are hard to find…lol

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