Baker Park EVP

As promised, here are the EVP captures we obtained during our training investigation at Baker Park. While they can be heard without headphones, we suggest using headphones for better clarity.

NOTE:  The EVP clips  “hello ladies” and “various EVP and laughter” are interesting, because the A-Class EVP, “hello ladies”, was only caught on one voice recorder, while the laughter was caught on both our recorders. The reason this is so interesting is because Michelle was standing only slightly behind me at the time these EVP occurred.

We did collect more EVP captures than what have been shared here, but we are not presenting them for review because they are very unclear, and attempts to bring them forward resulted in massive distortion. So, they have been omitted.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and share your thoughts, insights, and suggestions. It is greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Baker Park EVP

  1. These are all amazing… I literaly heard everything you exactly the way you did… the “thanks” and “hello ladies” were so clear…. freaky!!! How did Michelle react when she heard the EVP’s?

    • Michelle here 🙂 These are awesome and the newest one “my name is Avnee” (Avni) or “Mrs. Avnee” is awesome. I think I got that EVP around the same time I had an overwhelming sensation of being watched. Not scary – but just the intense feeling someone was very near (and I couldn’t see them!) Seeking spirits is an adeventure that can’t be explained. One has to be in it to get it!

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