Private Residence, Case 001: Completed

Last night, Robyn, our newest team member, had her first training investigation, which took place at a private residence. Unfortunately, Michelle was unable to attend.

The client requested the investigation for “peace of mind.” She said she has had “issues” in her previous residences, and though she wasn’t experiencing any unusual events in her current home, she wanted to know for sure that there was nothing going on.

I began the interview, and then Robyn took over, discussing everything from the age of the home, to how sub-floors behave under certain temperatures and/or humidity levels. To help the client feel more relaxed, she drew on her own personal experiences with her home and children and shared them with the client. This had the desired effect of putting the client further at ease.

We conducted our investigation in the living room, master bedroom, and children’s room. Before going to the master bedroom, however, we took a break outside, as the home was almost unbearably hot. The client had closed all but one of her windows and turned off her fan, as she thought that might make it easier to hear any EVP that might come through on the voice recorders. The daytime temperature was very high; and the client’s home has a western exposure. The heat that was trapped inside was almost unbearable. We all needed to get outside for a few minutes, where it was much cooler, before resuming the investigation.

Unfortunately, we were unable to conduct as thorough an investigation as we had hoped to, as there was almost constant, loud noise coming from the downstairs tenant, who had a friend visiting. Our voice recorders picked up all the noise, effectively contaminating all of the audio. The tenant also physically interrupted the investigation twice: The first time, he sent his friend upstairs to borrow tools; the second time, he wanted to visit with us and the client.

Overall, and taking into consideration the challenges presented to us, Robyn did an awesome job with all aspects of the investigation, including interviewing, using the EMF, ELF, and K-II meters, and filming when she was able to. She even made notes during the interview to refer back to at a later time, if it proved necessary. She was understanding and polite, she was respectful towards the client, and she took initiative by using her own personal experiences when she felt it was appropriate and/or helpful to do so.

I have reviewed the audio from both voice recorders, and the video I took. Robyn also did some video, which she will be reviewing. As expected, no EVP was captured on either of the voice recorders, and there were no anomalous events captured on any of the video I reviewed.

Although the results of Robyn’s video have yet to be shared, at this time, we can say with confidence that the “peace of mind” the client was hoping for has been achieved. We have found no evidence of paranormal activity.

July 29, 2012 UPDATE:  Remaining video was reviewed by Robyn. Nothing unusual or otherwise out of the ordinary was found.  This case is now closed.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time anyway. I’ll bet it was very exciting for Robyn to actually go out into the field and investigate. Kudos to you for being such a good teacher!

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