Case #001 Follow-Up


We will be meeting with the client tomorrow (Sunday) for a follow-up visit and discussion about our findings. However, I received a call earlier this afternoon from our client; she had an interesting story to relate:

At approximately 12:30am (half an hour after midnight), the client heard banging coming from her kitchen.  She was in her bedroom at the time, watching television. No one was home; her children are away for their summer vacation, and the downstairs tenant is away for the weekend.

The client stated that she heard what sounded like a pot being picked up and dropped inside another, larger pot. She stated that she did have pots and pans on her kitchen counter, and she went into the kitchen to see what was going on. According to her, nothing was moved or otherwise out of place, so she went back to her bedroom and resumed watching television.

Approximately five minutes later, the banging occurred again. Again, the client went to the kitchen, and again, she found nothing out of place or otherwise moved. She returned to her room and resumed watching television.

The client stated that it seemed the banging occurred every five minutes, and that it continued until approximately 3am, when it stopped and did not resume again for the rest of the night.

At this time, I can neither confirm nor deny the events related by the client. However, in the interests of attempting to help the client, I am taking my voice recorder to her home tonight and letting it run overnight. I will return to her home in the morning to retrieve it.

I have notified Robyn of these events, as this was her first training investigation.  I will review the audio collected at the first opportunity and post the results when the analysis is completed.  At this time, no further action is being requested by the client.


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