Training Investigation: St. Mary’s Cemetery

Life has been busy for us since the last post. However, we’re gearing up on August 25th for another training session – this time, at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Calgary’s oldest cemetery. It should be an interesting evening; it will be Robyn’s and Michelle’s first visit to the place as investigators. The mosquitoes have finally died down to a duller roar, making the location a much more pleasant place, and I’m looking forward to revisiting it. It’s been a long time…

This training session will be Robyn’s second and Michelle’s third. It will be the first time that the two of them will be working together. I will mostly be observing; both Robyn and Michelle have shown that they have a good handle on what to do and how to do it. The only guidance I had to give them was with the equipment, as neither of them had any experience with any of it before joining the team. Aside from that, both Robyn and Michelle have done a great job on their investigations.

Though several possible locations have been discussed – among them, the Canmore Opera House – no investigations have been booked as yet. Michelle is our Case Manager, but she has been and is extremely busy with work and other important responsibilities, and has not had an opportunity to contact location managers and get us booked. It is very important that we take advantage of the good weather and get out as much as we can, as we cannot be guaranteed indoor investigations over the winter. So, until such time as Michelle’s work load eases up for her, I will be resuming responsibility for contacting location managers and getting us booked in.

The training at St. Mary’s Cemetery should prove to be both fun and interesting. I look forward to seeing both Robyn and Michelle work the location. Have a great weekend!

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  1. That should be a total blast… going into cemetaries would creep me right out… you guys are so brave!!! Looking forward to the investigations… the Canmore Opera House sounds fascinating. Have a great weekend sisi Love your bro

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