UFOs: NASA Archives

I don’t know if I personally believe in the existence of alien life forms as we traditionally envision them, but this footage from the NASA Archives certainly presents some thought-provoking evidence that there might be something out there watching us…

Happy hunting!

3 thoughts on “UFOs: NASA Archives

  1. I loved this… at about 14:00 the craft looks the same as the one at about 18:30… this is amazing! I saw something “alien” when I was about 16 years old when I first got my drivers licence. I was driving home from work and saw a 3 light phenomenon in the sky that totally freaked me out … it followed for about 2 miles then swooped over my car and took off… of course my partents thought I was crazy but it really happened. I love how you are explring all sorts of strange stuff that’s going on.

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