Cemetery Training Complete


Last night, we went to St. Mary’s Cemetery, Calgary’s first – and thus, it’s oldest – cemetery.  Both Robyn and Michelle did a fantastic job working with the equipment, doing EVP work, and covering as much of the area as possible. Video and audio is now being analyzed; results will be shared when the analysis is complete.

We began the investigation at approximately 9:30pm. The weather was quite balmy; the wind was quite calm. We were the only people in the cemetery.  There was a lot of air and ground traffic noise – which is normal for that location – and there was at least one party going on at a home nearby.  Robyn was given the EMF detector, Michelle was given the ELF detector, and I took the K-II meter and a lantern for extra light.  Robyn also had a video camera, we all had our voice recorders, and I had my digital camera, which I used for both still photos and video.

Robyn and Michelle were each given opportunities to take the lead by going to the section or headstones they felt drawn to.  At each location, we set up the equipment on or near the ground or headstone, and then the leader conducted the EVP session.  Over the course of two hours, we covered almost three-quarters of the entire Pioneers section.  Robyn chose silence between questions as a means of encouraging communication, and Michelle chose vocalizing.  With the exception of provoking – which we will not do – using different methods to encourage communication is always a good idea, and both Robyn and Michelle did a fantastic job.

After the first hour of walking around the section and conducting EVP, we decided to change our tactics a bit by driving around the entire cemetery while holding our voice recorders out of our windows. Robyn kept the video camera going, I set my digital camera to video and put it on the dash to record as we moved forward, and while holding her voice recorder out her window, Michelle also monitored the K-II meter, which was turned on….. and, oddly enough, kept lighting up.  When we stopped moving and attempted to record the event, however, the K-II meter remained green.

After completing the circuit of the western section of the cemetery, we decided to wrap things up and head back to the Pioneer section’s gate, where we were originally parked. As we approached, we saw four young people enter the main grounds from the main gate. They had a small dog with them – and one of the males was carrying what looked to us like a large baseball bat.  The cemetery has been badly vandalized many times over the past several years; concerned that this group of people may be planning to vandalize the headstones, we immediately called the police. We told them who we were and why we were there, what we saw, and why we were concerned. We were told “a couple of units” would be sent up immediately, and to please remain there until the police arrived.

Four units showed up, two of which were trucks. In total, eight police officers came to meet us. We introduced ourselves and explained why we were there, and then we gave them as much information as we could about the people we’d seen. The whole experience took less than ten minutes, and then we headed out.  It was a very eventful end to our evening.

Results from the analysis will be posted.  Stay tuned!


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