Clarity for Follow-up


Robyn and Michelle went to St. Mary’s Cemetery on Sept. 8 to follow up on the Aug. 25th investigation (NOTE:  The video for that investigation should be up in the next couple of days).  Unfortunately, due to illness, I was unable to go with them.

Robyn and Michelle arrived at the cemetery at approximately 8:30pm.  A clear plan of action was set out, and they began the investigation… Sort of.  They did try to do some generalize EVP work; however, they weren’t able to get to the specific location they needed to be at.  I commend them both for trying, though; they’re still learning how to do things, and I respect them for having the courage to forge ahead.

The follow-up was a learning experience not only for Robyn and Michelle, but for me, too.  I learned that I have to be more clear about what “follow-up” means, I learned that I need to be more encouraging to my team members, and I learned that I need to keep in mind that though I may see “follow-up” as being self-explanatory, one or all of my team members may not.  I apologize for not being more clear about why a second visit was needed.

Having said that, on Thursday, Sept. 13, we are returning to St. Mary’s.  We will be focusing our attention on a specific location within the cemetery. In an effort to encourage contact, we will be using more of our equipment.  Hopefully, the weather will remain fair so that we can conduct the session.

Clarity is crucial when working in this field of study.  I know there are still times when I have to have things spelled out for me;  therefore, it stands to reason that there may be times when others need the same consideration, too.  But that’s the wonderful thing about doing this kind of work:  It is a perpetual learning curve that generates ongoing growth and improvement as an investigator.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Happy hunting!



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