Window Tapping

Last night, around 11:30pm, I was sitting at my computer catching up on a few things. The puppy was asleep, my husband was in bed sleeping, and Charlie, our cat, was sleeping with him.  The house was completely quiet.

Suddenly, I heard someone tapping on the dining room window.  At first, I just ignored it, thinking maybe our neighbor was outside with his dog. But the tapping became more insistent.  I thought maybe someone was trying to get my attention, but at the same time, I figured if that was the case, why not just knock on the door, instead?  Still, I finally got up to see who was outside tapping so insistently at the window.

I pulled the curtains back, cupped my hands around my eyes to block out the lamp light, and looked outside.  No one was there.  I checked everywhere – I even went outside to check.  There wasn’t a soul in sight; the entire street was completely quiet.  And the second I pulled back the curtains to see who was outside tapping at the window, the tapping stopped… and it did not resume for the remainder of the time I stayed up.

This is the second time this has happened.  It happened a couple of nights ago, too, but I thought maybe it was just a branch from the cedar tree brushing up against the window, so I ignored it.  But it was the same kind of tapping I heard last night.  Needless to say, it left me feeling a little unsettled.  Not scared or creeped out; just a bit unsettled.  If it happens again, I’ll set up the voice recorder and see if I can capture it on audio.


One thought on “Window Tapping

  1. Don’t those dame spirits in your house know you have had enough drama for one week??? I think you have to have a firm word with them to BACK OFF.. quit stunting already… lol sis, you have the creepiest house… maybe the ghosties are warming up for Halloween… and YES you really should set up your recorder.. would lve to hear that!

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