Mountain View Scouting

On October 13,  Robyn and I went to Mountain View Memorial Gardens (also called Mountain View Cemetery).  It was to be a location-scouting trip, but we brought our equipment with us in the event that we decided to do some EVP work.  Even when location scouting, it’s always good to bring the equipment.  We also brought Robyn’s dog, Roscoe; animals, especially dogs, are known throughout paranormal history for having a higher sensitivity to the dead.  We figured that, if nothing else, Roscoe would be good protection.  Unfortunately, Michelle was unable to join us on this expedition.

We arrived at the cemetery at approximately 8:20pm, and headed for the northernmost area. Not only would the sound of the traffic be less intrusive, but it is an area that has, on previous visits, made me feel inexplicably uncomfortable and ill at ease.  I grabbed my voice recorder and Robyn got her video camera rolling.started working the area at about 8:30pm.  The wind was up, the temperature was cool but not cold, and – to our amazement – there was sheet lightning frequently flashing in the east.

I began experiencing nausea as we explored the ground markers.  As we got closer to what seemed to be the source of this physical response, the nausea intensified, and I noted that my throat was starting to feel constricted. It was as though there was pressure on either side of my windpipe, and while I also noted that it was not painful, coupled with the nausea I was experiencing, it was definitely uncomfortable.  Roscoe seemed to be aware of something, as well, as he went into a kind of “alert” position.  This happened several times, and in different areas of that northernmost section of the cemetery.

Robyn also had personal experiences.  At one point, she felt we were being circled, and that something was about to happen.  By her own admission, she does not usually sense things, so it was unusual that she experienced not one, but two events of this nature.

We explored several areas of the northern part of Mountain View Cemetery. We are still reviewing evidence gathered, but what can be said at this time is that our personal experiences have made it important for us to return there.  Robyn is working on finding information about the internments in the section where I experienced the nausea and the throat constriction, as well as researching some other information based on Roscoe’s responses to one particular area.  When the evidence analysis is complete, further information will be provided about that.


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