Door Knock

Last night, at approximately 7:20pm, I was sitting on the couch in my living room, when I heard someone knock at the door several times.  Our new puppy, Glimmer, was asleep near my feet; our cat Charlie was asleep on our bed; my husband was not yet home from work.

I went to answer the door. When I opened it, there was no one there.  I saw nothing outside, nor was anything on the door ledge between the inside door and the screen door.  I then went outside to see if there was anyone on the street.  The street was empty and quiet.

I went back inside, and then went to the dining room window to look outside.  I saw a vehicle pull up to the curb, and thought it was my husband arriving home from work. I then went to the living room window to see if there was anyone else on the street. I saw no one. I then called Robyn to inform her of the event.  While talking with her, I waited for my husband to come in; when he didn’t, I checked outside again – and realized that it was the neighbor’s car I had seen pulling up.  I stated that to Robyn.

After going through a check-list of possible causes for the knocking, Robyn suggested that I run the voice recorder during the night, as this is the third time this type of event has occurred in the space of a week.  I agreed with her. Unfortunately, by the time I got Glimmer into bed for the night, I was so tired that I forgot to set it up. So, I will be setting it up tonight.

I have not yet found any possible causes for these odd events. We have lived in this home for 14 years; I know every sound this house has.  Whatever is happening… Well, maybe we’ll have to investigate it…


2 thoughts on “Door Knock

  1. It is an older female from your mother’s side. I get an “aunt” feeling but probably ore like your grandmother’s sister not your mother’s.
    There is a special occasion soon such as a birthday. It is a direct relation to her so ask your mom whose birthday it is.
    She just wants to say hello. She wants you to be more protective when you “investigate” because she is fearful that you will develop an unhealthy attachment to an earth-bound spirit, likely without your knowledge.
    Surround yourself in White Light, say a prayer of protection and open to spirit for your hunt. Afterwards, again surround yourself in White Light and say a prayer of protection then close yourself to spirit.
    No biggie, She is only concerned for your well-being.

    P.S.- She is surprised that you are interested in spirit communication because at a much younger age she felt you were very opposed to the idea of ghosts.She is piqued with interest! Something must have changed.

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