Wolf Paranormal News

We are looking for potentially active, indoor locations in the Calgary area to investigate by no later than Tuesday night.  This past Thursday, we were approached by a local news station interested in joining us in an investigation as part of a Halloween “special edition” program.  What we’re asking for comes with very little notice, we know; we didn’t get much notice ourselves.  So, anyone in the Calgary area interested in helping us out by allowing us to investigate their home or business – if it is or has been “active” with unexplained phenomena – please email us as soon as possible with your name, a contact number where we can reach you, and the events you and/or others have been or are currently experiencing.

In other news, review of the audio conducted in my home on Oct. 19 is still ongoing.  Some personal-life situations have come up that I have had to attend to.  However, I hope to have the analysis completed very soon and sent to the other team members for review.  I will keep everyone updated on that progress.

The audio from our Oct.  13 visit to Mountain View Cemetery is still awaiting final analysis. We were unable to return to the location to attempt to recreate conditions mentioned in the previous postings: winter arrived and dropped quite a bit of snow, effectively eliminating any possibility of recreation at this time.  Snow is still falling, so we don’t expect to be able to get back there in the immediate future.  However, we are not forgetting about it.  Rather, we’re just putting it on the back burner until such time as the conditions necessary for a recreation are presented.

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