“When in Doubt…”

“…. throw it out.”  This is our philosophy on EVP and video anomalies we capture.  We review and analyze, and at the end of the day, if the capture is still in question, we don’t bother to share it.  Such is the case with the audio and video anomalies we captured at Mountain View Cemetery.  Audio has been determined to be questionable, as we aren’t sure whether we’re hearing a genuine EVP, or traffic.  Video has been determined to be questionable, because we were unable to recreate the conditions in which the anomaly was first captured.  All we can assume is that perhaps it may have been reflection.  Until such time as we have an opportunity to recreate the conditions, that is where we’re at for that scouting trip.

Audio recorded in my home on Oct. 18 is still being reviewed.  As was stated in a previous post, life has been happening, and it has demanded my attention.  However, things are moving forward again, allowing the review to be completed.  Any and all potential EVP captures will be first sent to the rest of the team for analysis before being shared here.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone.  Thanks for visiting!

3 thoughts on ““When in Doubt…”

  1. This was a suggestion I brought forward just yesterday and is currently under discussion by the team. Difficult to decipher EVPs, Video or photos may hold nothing, however one never knows…. Someone with unrecognized abilities may just hold the key!

  2. Hmmm why not share them anyway with a disclaimer and let others see what they think… I know what you mean about wanting to be sure, but for interest sake it might be an idea just to let everyone know what does on in your investigations…It’s my CURIOSITY!!!

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