Progress Report

We just wanted to let everyone know that work on the website is progressing very nicely.  Robyn has done an incredible job, so far.

At the earliest, we hope to launch the site before Christmas.  At the latest, the site will launch before the end of this year.  A lot of changes are being made to the site, we are also moving to a new server, and Robyn has a very busy work schedule to deal with.  Availability of robyn’s time, and ensuring the new server performs as we need it to, determines how soon we can launch the new and improved website.  We will, however, keep everyone up to date on how things are progressing.

In the meantime, please don’t be alarmed when you visit here and find things are different.  It’s all part of the process.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding while we’re under this new and major construction process.  Have a great week ahead!  🙂


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