New Case and Other Notes

We received an investigation request a couple of days ago regarding various types of activity occurring in a private residence.  Due to the fact that children are being affected by the activity, we have arranged to conduct our preliminary interview and walk-through in two days.  To protect our client’s privacy, we cannot provide information about the location at this time.  We may be able to share some of the information gathered after the actual investigation has been conducted, evidence has been reviewed and analyzed, and we have shared our findings with our client.

As mentioned in previous posts, our website is being completely overhauled by team member Robyn.  The offline draft is nothing less than spectacular.  Despite Robyn’s heavy work schedule, she has managed to find time to work on the site, and the hours of work are more than evident.  I can hardly wait for the call telling me we’re going live!

In other news, Michelle has resigned from the team.  We wish her all the best in her life and future endeavors, we encourage her to continue her search for a group that will suit her, and we thank her for the time she was able to give us.

We want to thank all of our followers and subscribers here, on YouTube, at Facebook, and at Twitter for your ongoing support and encouragement. We really do appreciate hearing from you!


One thought on “New Case and Other Notes

  1. Wow, sorry to hear one of your team members has resigned… but I am sure you will continue to investigate and keep everything going. Looking forward to your next investigation.

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