Where’s the Dog?

Just want to document this, as it caught me by surprise.

Last night, at approximately 8:30pm, I was sitting at the dining room table, doing some things on the computer.  Charlie and Roger were in bed sleeping, and Glimmer, our puppy, was asleep at my feet.  All the doors in the house were closed, including the bedroom, office, and Sanctuary room doors.  The television was not on, nor was the radio.  The house was completely quiet except for the soft sound of my fingers on my keyboard.

Suddenly, I heard what sounded like a very loud yelp coming from the office.  I know it was from the office, because there is nothing in there, yet, to absorb sound waves. Thus, sounds tend to have an echo in that room.  There is no other location either inside or outside my home that has that effect.

The yelp made Glimmer bolt upright; I nearly jumped out of my skin.  Roger did not respond, but within seconds of the occurrence, Charlie was meowing at the bedroom door, wanting to come out.

After first leashing Glimmer, I headed for the office, letting Charlie out of the bedroom before opening the office door.  Glimmer was very tense and agitated, and Charlie’s fur was up.  To help calm them down, I took a deep breath and then expelled it, forcing myself to go into a calm state. Then, I gently opened the office door, and went into the room.  I turned on the light… and saw the room was as it was supposed to be:  empty.

After giving the room a thorough once-over, and after allowing both Glimmer and Charlie to investigate the room for themselves, I left it and closed the door again.  Several minutes went by in which both the dog and the cat were tense and agitated, and then, all of a sudden, they both just flopped down on the floor and completely relaxed.

The people who lived in this house as renters prior to us buying had animals.  If memory serves, they had three dogs and two cats… and more than one of their animals passed away in this house, one of which was one of the dogs.  Did we hear that dog last night?  Or is there some other explanation for that loud yelp sound?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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