Attaching Significance

Sometimes, throughout our time as paranormal investigators, we encounter situations in which we have to practice great care while remaining compassionate to the needs and experiences of the client who has asked us for help.  I personally refer to those types of cases as “attachment cases”, because the information with which the client provides us points towards self-manifestation.  These types of cases are rare, but they do happen, and part of our job as investigators is to help the client take control of the situation and thus, regain control of their life.  We are not just paranormal investigators; sometimes, we have to be psychologists, too.  And that is part of what we will be doing on our next investigation, which – unless the client requests otherwise – will be in a few months.

The client has shared that for the past 20 years, they have been followed by an entity they identify as male.  The claims include such things as changing water temperatures, moving entire sets of cutlery, and violent banging and shaking of the house after being told by the client to leave and never return.  The client shared that they learned the technique from professed psychic Sylvia Browne, and that in spite of following the instructions as they were given, the entity became violent, banging things and shaking the entire house.  The client also shared that they became so frightened by that response that they did not make a second attempt to banish the entity.

There are other aspects to this case which are confidential.  However, they are relevant to the case and will be explored further when we meet with the client.

What is most important about this case is that the client feels they are unable to deal with the situation, though they do understand that attachments are generally only banished by the person who generated them.  However, as mentioned above, sometimes, our job as paranormal investigators includes using a bit of basic psychology to help empower the living person or people being affected by the activity.

We will keep you updated on this case and notify you of any changes to the booking plans.  In the meantime, please stay tuned to this blog for the results of the investigation we’re conducting this Saturday.

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