Three Knocks

Feb. 24, 2013, 10:07pm:  Working on the computer in the office.  Husband and cat are sleeping; dog is in the office with me.  She is agitated for some reason. She barks and then stares at me intently. Can’t find a reason for her barking. She lays on the loveseat and whimpers at me.

Suddenly, both the dog and I hear three slow knocks at the front door.  The dog and I look at each other. She whimpers a little but does not bark.  The moment I leave the office, I feel compelled to turn on all the lights.  The dog stays close to my side.  Reaching the kitchen entryway, I turn on both lights.  Then, I turn on the door entry light, and the outside light.  My arms, legs, and face are covered in large goosebumps, and I notice that my heart is pounding.  I get to the door, slowly open it, and carefully poke my head around it to see who is outside.  I don’t know who might be there at this late hour, and I want to be able to slam and lock it quickly if necessary.

No one is there.

10:35pm:  I am noticing cold spots in various areas of the house.  I’m telling myself it’s just a draft from having the door open.  It’s quite cold outside right now.  I needed to use the bathroom after closing and locking the door.  The dog followed me into the bathroom, and is now refusing to leave it.  She is not whimpering or whining, but she will not leave the bathroom.

No further sounds of any kind have been heard since those three knocks at the front door.

NOTE:  The wind is blowing quite hard.  There is nothing hanging outside that can knock against the door.  The screen door is secured and does not rattle.  At this time, there is no explanation for the knocks.

I’m going to set up my voice recorder on the bookcase nearest to the front door.  I have to go out, and I’m going to take the dog with me.  I will tag both my departure and my return.  I’m going to leave the recorder running until I put the dog to bed for the night and go to bed myself.  Results will be posted after review and analysis.

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