Mar. 2 Preliminary Interview

On Mar. 2, 2013, we went to a private residence out of town to conduct a preliminary interview with a client experiencing unusual, persistent, and intense activity.  The client shared with us that the activity is being experienced by more than one family member, and that the children (ages 11 and 7) are being negatively impacted by it.

Present during the preliminary interview were the client, the client’s parents, and a friend of the client.  The client’s mother and friend have witnessed unusual activity and were requested by the client to share their experiences with us.

The claims are as follows:

— bathroom clock continually turned upside down and teetering on edge of small shelf

— coffee machine and tea kettle turning on by themselves (tea kettle must be manually switched to the “on” position)

— large, vinyl-backed floor mat at back door being thrown down basement stairs

— blown-glass candle-holder being removed from closet shelf and left on floor

— teddy bear on top of book shelf being tossed on floor

— oldest child being woken in the middle of the night almost every night

— digital clock in youngest child’s bedroom continually going “out” and flashing

— unexplained rattling on oldest child’s closet door

— both children afraid of basement

— motion sensor in bathroom going off in the middle of the night

— doors opening/closing by themselves

— oldest child and client’s spouse frequently seeing shadow figures at night

— floor drain in laundry area being physically removed and placed in middle of the floor

We took base EMF readings and found that the appliances read from between 4 milligauss to just over 6 milligauss. We also found high EMF readings of just over 7 milligauss on the digital clocks in the master bedroom. We know that high levels of EMF output can cause such things as hallucinations, paranoia, nausea, headaches, feelings of being watched and/or followed around, and other serious conditions. We recommended that the client either replace their digital alarm clocks in the master bedroom, or move them away from the bed.

In the kitchen, the coffee machine and tea kettle are plugged into the same outlet. We know that old, damaged, or incorrectly-installed wiring can result in short-circuiting, and that one or more outlets can be affected by this. We could not find an immediate explanation for the tea kettle turning on by itself, as it must be manually switched to the “on” position, but we did suggest that the client consider using a different outlet for those two machines, or using a separate outlet for each machine. Because the machines only turn on when they are plugged in, we feel there is a wiring issue, and since this is a very serious safety concern, we have strongly encouraged the client to have a certified electrician examine the wiring throughout the entire home.

According to the client’s friend, natural-gas service was first provided to the town in 1960. The friend also shared that they were born and raised in the town, and there were no homes or any other buildings in that area prior to the arrival of that service; the entire area was predominantly farmland.

The client shared that the previous renters were arrested for murder, and that a police investigation resulted in finding a weapon in the master bedroom, hidden between the former renters’ box spring and mattress. Research into this revealed that the murder did not occur in the home.  However, no information has been disclosed by police about whether the weapon found was the same weapon used on the victim.  At this time, we do not believe there is a connection between this and the activity occurring in the home.

With parental consent, and with the client and the other adults present, we then talked with both of the children about what they have been experiencing. The oldest child shared that they are woken in the middle of the night by nightmares almost every night, that the nightmares are always the same (the entire family is dying) – but the manner of death changes, and the location is never in the home – and that the closet door often rattles for no apparent reason. When asked about the basement, the child said, “I don’t feel good down there.”  The youngest child shared that they don’t like the basement, either.  When asked about it, the child said, “It’s a scary place,” and added that they feel that way in the entire basement, not just in one specific area.

During the initial EMF sweep in the basement, very high EMF levels were detected coming from the large flourescent lights in the bathroom and laundry areas, both of which are close to the children’s play area.  It is our opinion that these high EMF levels could be causing the children to feel as they do when they are downstairs.

We then asked the oldest child about their normal bedtime routine, and they said they usually play such video games as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and car-chase games.  Because the child’s description of their nightmares was so similar to the scenarios presented in the video games, we suggested that the child consider finding a much calmer activity such as a puzzle, reading, or even journaling, 20-30 minutes before going to sleep.  We felt that engaging in less dramatic activities before going to sleep may facilitate better, more restful sleep.

Because the children are being negatively affected by the activity occurring in the home, we felt that a full investigation should be conducted as soon as possible.  This was done later in the evening, with all team members present.  The details and results of the investigation will be posted after analysis and review of all audio, video, and still photos has been completed and we have shared our findings with the client.  Stay tuned!

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