Case #004 – Private Residence: Case Closed

On March 9, 2013, we conducted a preliminary interview at a local private residence. The client moved into the residence approximately 11 months ago.  Before moving in, the landlord did some minor renovations and painting.  To the client’s knowledge, no one has died in the home. The client also related that family members, including a 9-month-old infant, are experiencing unusual events in the home.

The claims are as follows:

— objects moving from one place to another

— electronics turning off and on

— physical contact

— difficulty sleeping

— feeling watched, nervous, anxious

— house temperature constantly changing in master and infant’s bedrooms

— unexplained scratching heard at front door

— objects being thrown from top of cupboards in kitchen

— toys being played with when infant is not present

— closet door in master bedroom rattling

We spoke with one of the witnesses the client provided.  The witness stated that during a conversation between them and the client, a cork suddenly popped out of a wine bottle.  The witness felt that perhaps pressure caused the cork to pop out. The witness also told us that the client related an incident involving the sudden appearance of small footprints on a carpet in the infant’s room.  The witness then shared that many of the events occurring in the home were related to them by the client; the witness did not actually experience anything other than the cork popping from the wine bottle.

Research into the area on which the townhome is built showed the district was annexed to the city in 1910, but was not further developed as a community until 1946.  The housing complex is surrounded on two sides by one of the city’s cemeteries, two strip malls, and a high school.  The complex itself is maze-like, and in varying stages of disrepair.  We were unable to find information about when the housing complex was built, but we are estimating it was built some time in the 1950’s, as it has been a part of the area for almost as long as the large cemetery has existed.

Preliminary Findings

 Robyn found high EMF levels in almost every area of the home where there are electrical appliances. Most appliances were emitting levels of between 6mG (milligauss) and 7mG – some as high as 78mG.  The box-switch in the furnace room emitted a level of 115mG, with a spike to 198mG.  Recommendations were made to the client about how to minimize theses levels, and further information will be provided to the client via email about acceptable and/or safe levels.

During our walk-through of the home, we observed that the closet doors are accordion-style, and the magnets on the edges do not stay attached to the metal plates affixed to the sides of the walls.  The client also has three cats.  The client stated that they are crated or otherwise in isolation when no one is home.   However, they do have access to the rooms when the client is home.

At this time, our opinion is that the events being experienced by the client are probably not paranormal in nature.  The client is a new parent, and as most new parents know, hypersensitivity to sounds and other sounds not normally observed is normal.  However, due to some of the experiences we could not immediately explain (e.g. items being thrown off the top of the cupboards), the client has requested that we conduct a full investigation.  In an effort to help provide the client with peace of mind, we have agreed to do the investigation and we will be booking a date for that within the next week.

4:31PM EDIT:  After discussing things further, we have decided that an investigation at this location is not necessary.  Our main reason for this decision is that the client stated that they are moving out at the end of the month.  They are already starting to pack.

However, there are also other reasons for our decision: Faulty plumbing and heating issues, as well as electrical problems, a parkade directly below the client’s townhome, noise contaminants from residents living above and beside the client, street noise, and structural damage occurring due to serious water leakage currently affecting the living room and master bedroom, would render any potential evidence unpresentable.

In light of these issues and concerns, we feel that virtually all of the occurrences could be attributed to vibration and the general state of serious disrepair throughout the entire complex.  However, should the client have any problems with unexplained activity in their new home, we encourage them to contact us.

7 thoughts on “Case #004 – Private Residence: Case Closed

  1. Your initial investigation was quite thorough and your decision to not proceed was very professional. I have participated in a few investigations, not as a professional paranormal investigator, but rather for my own research and interest in paranormal activity…like you I have observed high levels of electrical current on the meter in some homes, which is not healthy. In your report you mention that you advise clients how to deal with this…would you mind sharing this information? Thanks for following my blog!

    • Thankyou! We have information and a resources list about this on our website, if you’d like to check it out:

      While it’s unrealistic to replace every appliance and electronic device in one’s home, regular maintenance and cleaning, and moving smaller digital devices like clocks at least 6 feet away from the head of one’s bed, goes a long way towards minimizing the effects of EM energy. Also, most large appliances are energy-efficient, these days, so the EM energy being emitted is not as high as in older appliances. House wiring in homes 30 years or older should be checked for high EM energy and replaced if possible, and electrical panels should be updated.

      My brain is hurting right now 😛 so I invite you to visit our website’s Resources link. If you should happen to think of something we haven’t covered there, please be sure to let us know, and we’ll address it as soon as possible. 🙂

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