Case #003: Investigation Results

Date: Mar. 2, 2013

Location: Undisclosed at client’s request

Claims: kitchen appliances turning on by themselves, clocks turning upside down (full list here)

Case Status: Open


We arrived at the client’s home at 9pm. Fog was starting to roll in; the air temperature was crisp. The neighborhood was very quiet. No children, animals, or people were out and about. The client was waiting for us, and as we entered the home and removed our footwear, the client told us that the family had decided to have the children out of the home for the night, and the other adults out with friends for the evening. Only the client remained, as a desire had been expressed to attend the investigation.

The home is a rustic, cabin-like home built in the early 1970’s. The main floor consists of three bedrooms, full bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The basement consists of a full bathroom, laundry room, a small cold-storage room, and a spare room once used as a bedroom. We also learned that during the years the original builders/homeowners lived in the home, they had a small hair-salon business in the basement.

The main area of the basement was filled with boxes from the family’s recent move into the home, as well as a variety of toys. According to the client, the original builders – both of whom are still living – resided in the home for more than twenty years, and experienced no unusual activity. When the home was sold to the client’s current landlord, that landlord and their family resided in the home for approximately 13 years. They did not experience any unusual activity. The client shared that since the current landlord moved out of the home after purchasing another property, there have been four renters in four years – the client and their family being the fourth set of tenants to live in the home.

The Investigation – Impressions

We began the investigation by breaking into teams of two to do our walk-through of the main floor and basement areas. Robyn and Shae went downstairs; Michele and I remained upstairs. The client chose to remain upstairs with us to quietly observe.

Michele refers to herself as a psychic medium. Shae refers to himself as a sensitive. Michele has some experience with paranormal investigations, but Shae is a seasoned investigator. We brought them onto the team because of their experience, and because they both told us during our interview with them that they prefer using a more scientific approach during investigations to their individual gifts. However, at their request – and our preference – both Michele and Shae requested that no information about the case be given to them. None was provided – not even the location of the home. Only Robyn and I knew the case details and location.

When the walk-throughs were completed, we all regrouped in the kitchen to discuss them. At this time, Robyn took her voice recorder downstairs and set it on a small box in the center of the basement.

Both Michele and Shae expressed similar impressions of heaviness, unhappiness, and a penchant for playing pranks. Both shared that they sensed two male energies – one elderly, one in their very early teens – and an older-female energy.

During Robyn and Shae’s walk-through in the basement, Shae expressed feeling a heaviness in his chest, and was having difficulty breathing. He also experienced an unusual heaviness in his legs, which he described as making him feel like shuffling when he walked. He also expressed sensations of being miserable, cranky, unco-operative, and referred to the energy he was experiencing as “a real piece of work” and “nasty.” He stated that these sensations were being generated by an older-male type of energy. During the walk-through of the main floor, he expressed concerns about the client’s oldest child – of whom he had no prior knowledge – suffering nightmares and “visitations” from the older-male energy. He also spoke of issues with electronics – specifically, clocks.

All of these experiences were later validated by the client during the reveal.

During my and Michele’s walk-through of the main floor, Michele expressed feeling an intense, overwhelming sadness, and felt like crying. She also experienced a strong sensation that “something isn’t right. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be” while standing over the bathroom sink. She stated that these sensations were being generated by an older-female type of energy. She also stated that she felt the older-female energy was communicating that “it’s not me doing those things” and that the energy meant no harm.  Michele also expressed feeling that someone had committed suicide.  During the walk-through in the basement, Michele experienced a feeling of unusual heaviness in her legs. She described it as feeling like she couldn’t walk properly; like she had to shuffle, instead.

These experiences were later validated by the client during the reveal.

After discussing the impressions with the client, we then went to the living room to set up the K-II meter, Mel Meter, video on my digital camera, and my voice recorder. Michele had her voice recorder with her. Robyn set up a video camera and a flashlight in the main-floor bathroom, where the client had told us a small clock on the shelf beside the toilet continually turns upside down and teeters on the edge. She then joined the rest of us in the living room, and we began an EVP session. During this time, Shae brought out a pendulum he uses often, and requested specific left/right motions to indicate yes or no responses. My digital camera was set to video and pointed at the equipment on the table. Shae sat in a chair to my left. He received what appeared to be a few specific yes/no responses, but because the camera was not pointed at him, those responses were not visually documented.

NOTE:  Because a pendulum is generally held by the hand of the operator, there is always a possibility that motion may be unconsciously directed. This renders apparent responses as unreliable, and we will not present them as viable evidence unless we have audio or video that appears to support those responses.

After approximately half an hour had passed with no responses on the K-II or Mel Meters, we decided to move the investigation downstairs. We also decided to leave my voice recorder to record on a high shelf in the living room. We all felt that leaving the area might encourage communication, as both Michele and Shae expressed that the energies they were sensing were purposely taunting us. For example, while we were upstairs, the energies remained downstairs, and vice versa. Meaning: leaving a voice recorder running while moving to a completely different area of the home might generate curiousity and subsequent responses.

We worked downstairs for approximately 20 minutes. In that time, we received no responses on the K-II or Mel Meters. We did, however, experience temperature drops in various areas of the basement, and in at least one instance, disembodied sounds were heard coming from upstairs. We knew it was not the client’s cat, as we have visual documentation that the cat was with us during that time.


We have completed the reveal with our client. Based on our findings, and based on what the client shared with us during the reveal, we have determined that the client’s grandparents are actively haunting the home.

According to the client and the client’s mother – who was present during the reveal – the grandfather was a “cantankerous, unhappy, miserable man” during the last few years of his life. He had COPD and required continual use of oxygen. His labored breathing resulted in shuffling when he walked. The client also shared that two days after the grandmother passed away, the grandfather was found unconscious on the floor by the housekeeper. Inspection of the oxygen tank showed there was no power going to the tank. An ambulance was immediately called, the grandfather was air-lifted to hospital, and during the flight, paramedics were able to revive him. However, upon arrival to the hospital, he was diagnosed as being brain-dead due to a lack of oxygen. Two days after he was found, he passed away. It was later learned that only the tank had no power. The breaker to the outlet into which it was plugged had been turned off. Unable to cope with the loss of his wife, the grandfather had taken his own life.

The client feels that the grandfather is attempting to find the grandmother, while the grandmother is attempting to help the grandfather cross over. Because the grandfather is “stuck” (earthbound), he is unable to “see” the grandmother, and is manifesting his anger and frustration in several of the claims presented by the client during the preliminary interview. We agree with the client, and we have offered suggestions that may help alleviate the situation and help the grandfather move forward and leave the family alone.

Due to our findings, this case remains open until further notice.

On behalf of the entire team, I want to thank the client for inviting us into their home and into their lives. We hope that, at the very least, we have been able to help alleviate their concerns and arm them with the knowledge and the tools we feel will be of greatest benefit to them.

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  1. Wild… the grandparents? Nothing scary than a cranky old grandpa unwilling to move on… Maybe the fact that he has been acknowledged he may decide it is time to move on.

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