Testing and A New Event

Due to weather and then the dog getting sick, I have not been able to resume the canine ghost-detection tests.  However, the dog is feeling much better, and the weather seems to be warming up a little, so there is a good chance that, barring any unexpected situations, testing will resume this weekend.

It is important to clarify that the only locations being visited are those where dogs are permitted.  At no time will we ever bring our dogs to an area that does not allow them.

Having said that, an event occurred in my home on Tuesday that must be documented.  It was approximately 1pm. I was in my office, talking with someone on the phone.  Glimmer (my dog) was laying on the floor beside me, half asleep.  We both heard what sounded like keys in the front door locks.  Glimmer immediately became alert, she got up, and then she stood at the office doorway, staring down the hall and into the living room. She did not bark; she just stared intently, ears forward, and stood at attention.  I watched her for a minute, wondering why my husband was home so early.

When no greeting came, I left the office and walked to the front door.  Glimmer stayed unusually close to me, nearly tripping me as I moved.  At the top of the landing, she sat down and stared intently at the front door.  I noticed that the security locks were still engaged.  I looked out the living room window, expecting to see my husband, but he wasn’t home.  Due to recent events in our area, we have taken to locking the outside as well as the inside door.  So, there was no way anyone could have opened the screen door; even my husband – had he been home – would have had to either knock on the window, or ring the door bell.

While trying to figure out what could have made the sound, Glimmer suddenly ran down the steps to the front door, jumped at it, and started scratching at it as if to try and get it open.   Thinking my husband was outside, and not wanting her to jump him in excitement when he walked in, I grabbed her leash to hold her back, and then opened the door.  No one was there.  After closing and re-locking the door, I went to the living room window to see if anyone was outside.  The street was completely empty.

At this time, I have no explanation for this event.  As of this posting, it has not recurred.

Glimmer’s unusual behavior could be indicative of an ability to perceive things humans cannot see or hear.  The attempt to teach her to bark once for “male” and twice for “female” continues.  Along with this specific-vocalization testing, I am also working on creating a specific physical stance for her to take in the event that the vocalization test proves non-viable.  Documentation will continue…

One thought on “Testing and A New Event

  1. You will have to make GLIMMER an official member of your team… I’m serious, she’s not gonna wanna ride on your coat tails for long, she’s a STAR!

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