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Good morning.  This is a quick notice to let everyone know some changes have been made here.

In the interests of efficiency, and to ensure that our new feature, Debunkers Den, doesn’t get lost on the sidebar as new cases and new tests are posted, three new pages have been created: Canine Ghost Detection, Local Investigations, and Out of Town Investigations.  Each page contains links specific to the page name (e.g. tests with the dog can be found on the Canine Ghost Detection page).  We hope this will make navigation to specific information easier.

This afternoon, we are meeting with our client from our Mar. 23 investigation (Case #005) to go over the investigation findings.  The results from that investigation will be posted after the meeting is concluded.  We sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience while we have waited for our client’s schedule to open up for us.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and thank you for your continuing support.


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