Content Removal Demands

Due to a former team member “asking nicely” to remove any and all content in which they are named, appear or are heard,  adding that “You do not hold copy-writes to anything that depicts my voice or picture, nor to anything that I have copies of during investigations, because to do that, it would have to be a shared copy-write, and … that does not exist with these files,” much of our most compelling evidence has to removed from YouTube, this blog, and our website, despite having always clearly stated that “all audio, video, and still photos belongs to Wolf Paranormal Investigations.”

This is not the first time that a removal demand has been made.  This is also the reason why clients must sign investigation and release agreements prior to an investigation, and why team members must sign agreements stating that even if they leave the team at some point in the future, any content in which they are named, seen, or heard remains the sole property of Wolf Paranormal Investigations, and can be released to the public for consideration and discussion.

I am currently reviewing copyright law with a lawyer to determine our rights as a team, and to ensure that these issues do not happen again.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

One thought on “Content Removal Demands

  1. I have had the same issues. Once something is posted on my websites IT IS MY COPYRIGHT. I someone agrees in principle that they are being filmed, photographed or quoted there is no backtracking if the person all of a sudden decided that they didn’t give you permission. The only content I have ever deleted was a photo of a young girl and her mom at an event which I deleted but sent an email stating that I was doing it out of respect NOT because it was illegal. Another one was one of the nightclubs who riased a stink so I deleted every YOUTUBE video BUT DID NOT delete any photos or written content. When THEY cried copyright foul I forwarded both a link to Canada copyright laws and definition of what a copyright actually is. I know some people think that they can backtrack permission or percieved permission on a whim, but this is NOT the case. Good luck sis!

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