Up and Coming

On May 11, 2013, the entire team will be conducting an investigation at a local private residence.  The client has requested that no photos or video be taken, nor any details made public at this time.  To honor that, team members have been privately briefed on the case.

On May 25, the entire team will be investigating an internment camp in the Kananaskis.  This will be a day-long event due to travel time, set-up, actual investigation time, wrap-up, and the return trip.  The camp served as a PoW camp first for civilian detainees and enemy seamen, and later, as a general PoW camp.  It is one of the last areas in Alberta that is directly connected with the internment of WWII PoWs, and we are excited and honored to have the opportunity to investigate this historic location.


We have two other investigations we are preparing for.  However, until bookings are confirmed and we are ready to go, we will not be posting any details.  Instead, we are using the time to continue our research and gather as much information as possible.


Please stay tuned for updates on these and other, upcoming events.  Thanks, and have a great rest of the week!


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  1. SOUNDs EXCITING! I can’t wait to see what you guys find. I got your message sis, sorry I missed your call. I went down to Brent’s after I sent you the emails. Just got back… have a great evening Love your bro

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