Canine Detection Test #5

The video below is the result of our field test, conducted Tuesday evening.  Worth noting are the following observations:

— Not all headstones or areas attracted the dog.

—  When given the command to “search”, “find it”, or “find the people”, the dog appeared to understand what I was asking of her, moving towards headstones or areas as if in response.

— When moving towards groups of headstones, there were some that the dog looked at but would not approach.

Because I was alone with the dog at the location, I had to prevent her from pulling with one hand, and run the video camera with the other.  To provide reasonably viewable video, I was unable to film the areas where she seemed to see or hear things I could not.  I am hoping to find an assistant for future field tests.

Now, here is the video of field test #5.

One thought on “Canine Detection Test #5

  1. First of all I love Glimmer’s new back-pack… vert sporty! And this s cool video, she really is a curious dog, perfect for this kind of work. You two are so in sync…

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