New Updates

As mentioned in this post, an investigation was conducted last night at a private local residence.  However, the client has requested that no information about the case be made public until after analysis has been completed and the findings have been been reviewed with the client.

We are still waiting to get final approval for our visit to the internment camp in the Kananaskis.  We have already received approval from three of the four agencies we’ve been referred to; final approval should come this week.  However, we are moving the date ahead by one week – June 1 – as one of the team members is unable to attend on the 25th, and the investigation is a full-team event.

During this event, Robyn will be bringing her dog, Roscoe.   Unlike Holly’s dog, Glimmer, Roscoe is a very calm mountain dog, and he will be serving the team as a source of protection from the living.  However, in the interests of our canine ghost-detection research,  he will also be monitored to see if he exhibits some, many, all, or none of the same behaviors Glimmer has exhibited when or if he sees or hears something we do not.

Happy Mother’s Day to Michele, Robyn, and Holly.  And Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who are raising children, be it their own, or someone else’s.  We hope you have a relaxed and most wonderful day.


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