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Our May 25th investigation at the internment camp in Kananaskis country is still a go – unless weather prevents it. As of this posting, the forecast is calling for several days of rain, with up to 23mm expected to fall over the course of the weekend. But, we only have a very small window of opportunity with this particular investigation. As we get further into the camping season, tourism increases and the campgrounds become filled almost to capacity, which often means that popular locations such as the one scheduled for this weekend can be heavily trafficked by tourists and campers for much of the day and into the supper and early-evening hours. This results in high levels of noise contamination, which in turn means we would have to discard virtually all data gathered on video and audio. Our only other option is to wait until September, when most of the tourists and campers have left the area. We already have one commercial investigation being booked – with the potential for at least one, possibly two more – for that time of year, so our best opportunity to investigate the camp is this weekend.

On May 19th, Robyn and Holly visited three out-of-town locations. A tentative date in June is being arranged to accommodate the weekend-long investigations. At this time, because we still have a few important and necessary details to attend to, we have decided not to disclose information about either the general area we’ll be visiting, or the investigation sites themselves. All we are willing to say at this time is that one of our pending investigations is in an area reported by several locals to be extremely and actively haunted.

Canine Ghost Detection field-testing has been consistently delayed due to bad weather on the scheduled testing days. Our rainy season typically begins at around this time of year and lasts until near the end of June, so field-testing will be conducted as the weather allows. After the rainy season has ended – and barring the occurrence of any severe storms (Holly is a storm-chaser) – scheduled field tests can be resumed.

Welcome to all of our new followers and subscribers, and many sincere thanks to all those who continue to follow our paranormal adventures. Have a great day!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the results from your investigation at that internment camp. THAT sounds really interesting. I am sure it will be very exciting. Lots of potential activity there…

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