May 28 Updates

The May 25th investigation in Kananaskis country was cancelled due to bad weather.  After discussing the issues involved with this specific location, we have decided to wait until after the tourist and camping season is over, in September, before we try again.

We are currently waiting for word regarding one of our out-of-town investigations.  Our contact said they would get in touch with us this week with more information about the location and what criteria we need to meet.  The suspense is agonizing!  😀

Canine Ghost Detection research has been on hold because of wet weather.  Hopefully, things are going to clear up soon so that testing can resume.  The dog recently exhibited some very unusual behavior towards something, and that reaction is being considered as viable.  However, that reaction can’t be tested in the field until things dry out.  So, hurry up and dry things out a bit, nature!  Please?

If you live in Calgary and you know of someone who has access to an empty commercial building alleged to be haunted, and which could be used to further the CGD research, please email Holly with the details and a number where you can be reached:

We wish everyone a great day and a great week ahead.  Thanks for visiting!

One thought on “May 28 Updates

  1. Yes, the suspense MUST be killing… i know you have to get psyched up fro an investigation, so it must be a bit of a let down. You also mentioned a haunted commercial building? That would be amazing to check out…

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