Investigations Weekend

The team is preparing for a weekend-long series of investigations out of town.  We leave tomorrow morning.   One of the locations we’ll be investigating is a large area containing nearly 200 – possibly more – mass graves.  The area is reported to be very active (during an initial scouting trip that Robyn and I did, we both experienced sensations of being watched and even followed, though we were the only two living people at the site at the time) and we’re all looking forward to testing out new equipment:  a FLIR, a full-spectrum camera, and an Ovilus.

Attending this weekend-long event are team members Robyn, Michele, Trevor, and Holly.  Unfortunately, team member Shae is unable to attend this weekend-long event due to unavoidable, important business commitments.

The details of our investigations will be provided when we return and start reviewing and analyzing the collected data.

Wish us good fortune, and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for safety while we’re driving, and during our investigations.  See you next week!

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