Analysis… and Flooding

Analysis and review on our June 14 investigations continues.  However, it has not been a priority, as much of southern Alberta has been dealing with massive flooding that has generated forced evacuations from several areas within Calgary itself, and in entire towns outside of Calgary.  The village of Bragg Creek, to the west, was decimated by flooding and was inaccessible due to washouts.  The town of Canmore, further west, suffered incredible flooding that also washed out a huge section of the Trans Canada highway, trapping residents in the town.  The city of High River, to the south, was almost completely submerged by flooding, and the entire city had to be evacuated.  Currently, to our knowledge, only the hospital has managed to reopen – and only with limited operations.  Residents have not yet been allowed to return to their homes.

In Calgary, several districts – including a large part of the downtown core – remain closed, though some areas have had mandatory evacuation orders lifted so that residents can return to their homes and begin the massive cleanup and pump-out of their homes.  For those interested in knowing whether or not the 101st Calgary Stampede will be a go this year, the Stampede board has created a new slogan that says, “Come Hell or High Water”.  Based on what was seen yesterday, it looks like the board is going to succeed in their efforts.

Medicine Hat, Drumheller, and other points east are currently preparing for flooding of the South Saskatchewan, Little Red Deer, and Red Deer rivers.  Any assistance that can be given to these towns and small cities during this crisis and in its aftermath will be greatly appreciated.

Holly has been taking time to visit affected areas within Calgary to photograph some of the mind-boggling destruction created by the Bow and Elbow rivers.  When it becomes safe to do so, she will be visiting Bragg Creek, Canmore, and High River to photograph the impact of the flooding.  If you would like to see the photos currently accessible, please visit our Facebook page and send us a friend request.

In light of these recent events, Canine Ghost Detection tests have been suspended until further notice.

We appreciate your patience, understanding, and support very much.  Please stay tuned, as we will be bringing the results of our June 14 investigations to you as soon as we can.

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