Canine Detection Test #7

It has been some time since an opportunity to resume Glimmer’s ghost-detection training has presented itself.  Last night, the training resumed with a visit to Queen’s Park Cemetery to visit the grave site of my mother, in honor of her birthday.  My husband accompanied me.

The weather was warm and muggy and the sky was somewhat overcast.  A light breeze was coming out of the northwest at approximately 10km/h.  The time was approximately 6pm.   There were other humans in the cemetery, but they were nowhere near us.   A solitary cottontail rabbit was spotted some distance ahead, near one of the spruce trees; it remained there.  No coyotes were present.

Glimmer’s reaction to the grave site was extremely unusual.  She was very nervous, jumping at even the slightest touch of wind on her back.  She approached the flower grate in front of the headstone with fear and anxiety, jumping back when the breeze moved the flowers even a little bit.  Though she did not whine or make any other sounds, she did cower and try to hide behind my legs.  I could not then, and cannot  now explain this behavior.  She has never responded this way in any previous tests of this nature.

Because of this unusual behavior, Glimmer must be taken back to the site to see if this behavior is repeated.  Weather and circumstances permitting, a return visit is planned for Thursday of this week.  Please stay tuned for the results…

On a different note, Glimmer turns a year old tomorrow, September 10.  To celebrate, we are holding a birthday party for her at our local PetSmart store from 6pm to 7pm.  If you live in or near the Calgary area and you would like to meet her – or, if you already know her, to visit with her – and help us celebrate her first year of life, please feel free to join us:   3221 Sunridge Way NE.


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