The Stoney-Nakoda Reserve: Morley

On Sept. 14 of this year, we were invited by Sacred Hauntings, an investigative team comprised of members of the Stoney-Nakoda Nation, to investigate the Stoney Medicine Lodge on the Morley, Alberta Indian Reserve.   Terence, Sirus, and Blaine have been investigating several potentially haunted areas on the reserve for some time.  Terence contacted us approximately two weeks earlier about his team joining forces with ours to conduct the investigation.

Present at this investigation were Wolf Paranormal team members Trevor, Robyn, Michele, Megan, and Holly.  Also present were Terence, Sirus, and Blaine, of the Sacred Hauntings team, as well as their guest, Bevan.

A Little History

Morley is a First Nations settlement within the Stoney Indian Reserve, and is part of the Stoney Nation.   Settlement began in 1873, when missionary George McDougall and his wife moved into the area, which was originally called the Ghost River.  Later, their son John and his wife built a missionary outpost in an effort to reach out to the Nakoda (Stoney) and Siksika (Blackfoot) First Nations, and changed the name to Morleyville in honor of John McDougall’s friend, Morley Punshon, an Ontario doctor.  Morleyville was southern Alberta’s first pioneer settlement.

The Stoney Medicine Lodge was originally called the Two Rivers Ranch, as it was located between the confluences of the Ghost and Bow Rivers.  It was used as an addictions treatment facility up until 1996.  According to the Sacred Hauntings team, the lodge was originally a mansion built by a rich white man who hired many of the Stoney people to work the fields and perform other tasks.   Unfortunately, many years ago, almost all of the records of the area – including the name of the man who built the structure – were destroyed.  However, legend has it that the man is buried in one of the sub-basements, and so is one of his children – a little girl named Alice.    Internet research on the actual history of the lodge has proven mostly futile, but we have not given up.  We are currently working to access other potential sources of information.

The stories of hauntings associated with the lodge are varied, but every story contains the same two elements:  a white man, and a little girl.  The stories say the white man – who many believe is the original owner – wanders through several areas of the building and does everything from moving things around to banging on walls and even throwing things.  The stories also say that the little girl is attracted to some of the activities that used to take place in the building – most notably, the Haunted House event that ran every year for the past four years.  One of the stories we were told was that the little girl actually scared away some vandals who had broken into the building and were vandalizing what used to be the recreation area, in the main basement.

The Journey to the Lodge

The land itself emanates terror, grief, strife, and confusion.   The sensations are palpable to anyone who is sensitive to them: They start upon leaving the relative safety of the gas station just off the highway, and intensify as you go deeper into the reserve.  By the time you reach the Lodge, they are so intense that you either become physically ill, or you succumb to total sensory overload and become numb to all but physical elements such as wind or cold.  Both Michele and Holly experienced many of these sensations, and required a few minutes alone to calm and compose themselves.

The Investigation

We arrived at the Medicine Lodge at approximately 9pm.  Upon entering the building, we noted that there was a great deal of debris, some of which included food-encrusted plates, opened food containers, and other food items.  We also noted the presence of garbage on the floors.  To our surprise, the building does have power, but no running water.  The lack of running water meant that if anyone needed to use the restroom, they would have to go outside and find a secluded area.

After making an offering to the ancestors of the land – a protocol put in place to protect against angering or offending any lingering spirits, as well as to invite communication – we discussed our plan of action and then split into three groups of three team members.  Each team was assigned an area of the building that would allow thorough investigation without risking audio or visual contamination for the other two teams.

In total, we spent approximately three hours investigating the Stoney Medicine Lodge, including the tunnel in the sub-basement, which was rumored to have been built by the original owner so that he could have secret rendezvous with some of the Stoney women who worked for him.  Unfortunately, as with so many other stories connected to the building, we have not found any documentation to either prove or disprove this.

After carefully reviewing and analyzing the data we gathered during the investigation, we found nothing to confirm the presence of any intelligent spirits.  However, some members did report personal experiences:

1.  During an EVP session conducted by Terence, Michele, and Holly, the K-II meter was placed on the floor to lean against an open doorway.  A voice recorder was placed beside the K-II meter, and a video camera was set up to record the equipment, as well as the end of the hall.  It was said that the little girl had a habit of appearing at that end of the hall.  While the team stood quietly at the opposite end of the hall and conducted the EVP session, Holly happened to look at the video camera to make sure it was recording, and reported seeing a very large, tall man standing in the entrance at the opposite end of the hallway, staring at her, Michele, and Terence.  Holly described the man as being solid and wearing a pale-blue checked shirt and dark pants.  She reported that he stood there watching them for a few seconds, and then he entered the hall and went into the room on the right.  Initially thinking one of the members of one of the other teams had come into the area by accident, Terence, Michele, and Holly immediately went to the room and opened the door.  There was no one there.

Holly reported that she didn’t realize until later that of all nine investigators, none of them were wearing those colors, and none of them were as tall or as large as the man she had seen.

On an interesting note, when all of the video was transferred from the camera to the computer, no hallway footage was found.  This is interesting, because the camera showed that it was in record mode.  It was also carefully monitored by Holly, Michele, and Terence to ensure that it remained where it had been placed.  At no time was the camera moved or turned off by any of the investigators.  We have no explanation as to why there is no hallway footage.

2.  During a visit to one of the sub-basements, Robyn, Michele, and Blaine worked together.  Both Robyn and Michele reported having their hair touched.  Robyn immediately asked Michele and Blaine to see if there were any cobwebs hanging from the floor joists or other areas above their heads.   Michele and Blaine found none.  Michele also reported hearing a faint scream.  Careful analysis of both the video and audio data showed no unusual camera blur or any other possible camera malfunctions that might explain the sensation of having their hair touched, nor did the voice recorder capture the scream she reported hearing.  Further investigation into possible causes for the scream did reveal that there were living people outside in a nearby field; they had a bonfire going, and they were drinking and making a lot of noise.  It is our collective opinion that what Michele heard was actually one of those people yelling.

3.  While investigating the main floor recreation area, Megan, Bevan, and Holly worked together.  An EVP session was conducted, which Holly filmed.  Megan and Bevan sat cross-legged on the floor and asked for a sign of spirit presence.  Earlier, Terence had placed a bell on the floor when he and his team were investigating the area; while Holly was filming, Bevan reported feeling something touch his shoulder.  Careful analysis of the video footage showed no visible cause for what he felt.

Trevor, Megan, Blaine, and Sirus had no personal experiences to report.


After carefully reviewing all the video and audio data gathered during our visit to the Stoney Medicine Lodge, it is our opinion that if there are any lingering energies present there, they are purely residual in nature – including the man Holly reported seeing.  We had hoped to make contact with the little girl, as all accounts of her presence indicate that she is an intelligent presence who enjoys interacting with the living, but neither we nor the Sacred Hauntings team had any success.

Despite our efforts to prevent it, noise contamination did occur throughout the entire investigation.  Although each team was assigned an area deemed to be a safe enough distance away from the other teams that contamination would not be an issue, the acoustics in the building – and only a few objects present to absorb sound – were such that even small sounds were greatly amplified.  The voice recorders and the microphones on the video cameras are highly sensitive; they captured the sounds of the other teams talking and moving around, leaving us no choice but to discard all potential audio evidence.

We are deeply honored to have been invited by members of the Stoney-Nakoda Nation to investigate the Stoney Medicine Lodge, and we sincerely appreciate the warm welcome we received when we arrived.   We look forward to working with the Sacred Hauntings team again in the near future, and we look forward to having them join us on some of our investigations, as well.

Pilamaya, friends.

7 thoughts on “The Stoney-Nakoda Reserve: Morley

  1. Very interested to read your investigation into Stoney Medicine Lodge and the mention of Two Rivers ranch. I am investigating some family history – I think my grandfather worked at Two Rivers but it’s hard to find any firm evidence. Could I possibly pick your brains in case you know something I don’t?!
    Best wishes
    Robert Nurden (London)

  2. I lived there for a while as a little girl. That place was a farm/ranch first before it was anything else. The owner of that place, sold the land and left, was never buried there.

    • Dear Liv
      My grandfather also lived at a place called Two Rivers ranch in 1893. I am writing his life and i am trying to establish if I’ve located the right Two Rivers. Can you shed any light?
      Best wishes
      Robert Nurden (London)

  3. OK THIS is really exciting… It is rare that First Nations people would have that kind of trust in outsiders, I guess that’s what happens when you are as amazing as you… and your team. This is BIG!

    • I know – and I was shocked almost speechless when we were asked to come out. It really is a big deal – no question about it – and all of us are looking forward to our next visit there. And yep, you heard me right, bro: We’ve been invited to return. :O

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