Most of the people we talk to are greatly surprised by the lengths Wolf Paranormal Investigations goes through to try to debunk any audio, photo or video anomalies we find or encounter.  Evidence review is a task WPI does not take lightly.

We investigate in order to eliminate all other possibilities.  This procedure is an ongoing learning experience in which all members of the team are greatly improving.  Comparison photos, syncing audio with additional video/audio, and team participation have been invaluable when debunking.  Along with brainstorming, discussing, and utilizing the many thought processes of all members of the team, we have been able to explain many of the things brought forward in evidence review.

With all these extra steps, it may take us a little more time to review our evidence, but we feel it’s worth it.  We want to do everything we possibly can to ensure that all anomalies brought forward to clients and the paranormal community are, in our opinion, valid.  These are always open for public discussion and we are not above re-review and reclassification of “evidence” when faced with additional possibilities.

This is not to say that we have explained or debunked everything we find.  We haven’t.  And each investigation always teaches us something new.  Our desire is not to explain everything away, but to find that one piece that we can’t explain.

That one piece.

The one that, for a moment, opens your mind to wonder and excitement at the possibility of realms unknown.  The one that brings you a little closer to reaching your own personal conclusions about unexplained occurrences and question your beliefs about your existence on this earth.  The one that makes you go, Hmmm.

That’s why we do this.  That’s the thrill.

WPI is also constantly exploring and researching different equipment, devices and resources such as psychics and mediums to see if these things can be relied upon as possible investigation “tools”.   Just because something is said to be able to communicate with or detect a “spirit” doesn’t mean it can.  After all, if that was the case the questions would all be answered and I would be out of a job (note: none of us actually get paid for what we do on the team).

Even though some of this research and exploration has resulted in more than questionable results and possible debunking of certain equipment and devices, we will continue to explore these options under as many different scenarios and from as many different angles as possible.  Because, you just never know.

We also draw from the experience of others in the paranormal community, as this gives us knowledge and ideas about what to do (and sometimes, about what not to do).  We will often approach other teams or investigators asking for their input or thoughts regarding situations they have come across or techniques they employ. We welcome any and all suggestions, possibilities and “tricks of the trade” from others and feel that any of these will contribute to us improving not only as investigators but as a team.

Alas, we do not know it all.


Lead Investigator, Debunker

Wolf Paranormal Investigations


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