Case #6: Private Residence

On Sept. 28,  the team went to a private residence out of town to help a family in crisis.  Among other things, the family shared that their toddler is being tormented by something they cannot see or hear.  The family also shared that unexplained events have been occurring in their home since they first took possession of it 11 years earlier.  The reason they called us, they said, was because an unexplained male voice was captured on a family member’s cellular phone during a video recording of the toddler.

Present during this investigation were Robyn, Trevor, Holly, and new team member TJ.  Also present were the clients:  The grandmother and grandfather of the child, and the child’s mother.

The claims are as follows:

— child exhibits extremely negative, aggressive behavior for no apparent reason, at random times

— child’s mother caressed from the neck to the hand, and feeling hot breath on her neck at the same time

— toys requiring physical touch turning on by themselves

— loud, unexplained bangs from within the home

— footsteps moving up the stairs and/or down the hallway

— grandmother’s voice – including distinct inflections – mimicked by a voice through the child’s baby monitor

— full-bodied shadow apparitions seen by all family members

— unusual cold spots in the child’s bedroom

The clients are deeply concerned for the child.  The clients shared that the child had to be moved from the basement bedroom to the upstairs bedroom because the child was terrified to sleep downstairs.  Each family member interviewed shared the same experiences with the child when it comes to bedtime:  sometimes, the child goes to bed without a fuss; other times, the child screams in terror and repeatedly cries out, “No!”  On several of those occasions, the clients shared that the child suddenly becomes physically violent, slapping or even punching whomever is trying to calm the child down.

The Preliminary Investigation

The team arrived at the client’s home just after 1pm.  While Holly and Trevor conducted the interviews with each adult family member, Robyn and TJ began their walk-through of the home to take base readings, note any potential causes for the activity, and photograph all areas claimed to exhibit unusual tendencies, such as cold spots.   The findings of the base readings were that there are extremely high levels of EMF coming from several large appliances in the basement.  There are also power lines running directly from the line poles to the home itself.  There are also two satellite dishes – one on the side of the home, and one on the side of the neighbor’s home.  The dishes face each other almost directly.

The home was constructed in 1966.  Further research into what existed on the land prior to that development is being conducted, but to our knowledge, the area was predominantly used for farming and ranching.  From the time the home was built, until the clients bought the home in 2002, no deaths occurred in the home itself.

The clients shared that within the first couple of months after moving into the home, activity began to occur.  They shared that it was just small things that were happening – such as items going missing – but that they attributed those events to their own error.   Approximately two years later, when they began to renovate the home, the frequency of unusual activity began to increase.  However, they explained that the events were harmless in nature, so they didn’t pay any attention to them.  The clients shared that this has continued for the past eight years, and that it wasn’t until the grandmother inadvertently captured an unexplained, masculine voice on her cell phone while making a video recording of her grandchild that she became truly frightened.

During our interview with the child’s grandfather, he became visibly emotional and asked us to stop filming.  He shared that while most of the events have seemed to focus mainly around his wife, daughter, and grandchild, he has experienced the odd incident – the most notable being that his hammer was physically removed from where he had put it, and it has not been seen since.  He also shared that he has seen a full-bodied shadow apparition at least twice, and that he has heard his kitchen chair being pulled away from the table – and when he turned around from the sink to talk to who he thought at first was his wife, the chair was pulled out, but no one was there.  He was alone.

The child’s mother shared with us that several unusual events have occurred in the home since her parents purchased it.  She shared that most recently, she was downstairs doing laundry, when she suddenly felt hot breath on the side of her neck, and then a hand caressing her from her neck all the way down her shoulder to her hand.  She shared that she has seen a full-bodied apparition in the upstairs hall on at least two different occasions, and on several different occasions, she has heard voices in the upstairs hall, as well as in the basement.  No one was home at the time, and the television was either turned off, or at a volume too low to be heard without being present in the room where it sits.

After completing our preliminary investigation, which included taking base readings and photographs to be used for comparison during the data review and analysis to come, the team left the clients’ home to discuss a plan of action.

The Investigation

The team returned to the clients’ home at approximately 8:30pm.  Because the home is small, it was decided that Trevor and TJ would start the investigation downstairs, while Robyn and Holly spoke quietly with the clients upstairs.  Robyn placed a voice recorder in the child’s bedroom; it would remain there for the duration of the investigation.

Trevor and TJ spent approximately 20 minutes in the basement.  Upon their return, Robyn and TJ went into the child’s room to conduct an evp session, while Trevor and Holly continued to talk with the clients.  Robyn and TJ spent approximately 10 minutes in the child’s room before deciding to end the session and join the rest of the team in the dining area.

After meeting in the dining area, the team split up again.  Trevor and TJ left the home to investigate further the exterior of the property, while Robyn and Holly conducted an evp session in the basement.   The session lasted approximately half an hour.  Everyone met again in the dining area, and the entire team decided at that point to take a quick break outside and discuss what the next course of action should be.  During the time the team was outside, the child was put to bed.

When the team returned approximately 15 minutes later – and with the clients’ agreement – the entire team, as well as the clients, came together in the living room area and prepared to conduct an evp session.  Toys the clients had claimed went off on their own were put on the floor, along with the K-II meter and the MEL meter.  Robyn filmed the session, which lasted for approximately one hour.  During the session, every conceivable method of encouraging communication was made, including mild provoking from family members, and two team members.  Several times during the session, the grandmother experienced coldness on her arm; this was noted on the MEL meter, which did register a mild fluctuation in the ambient temperature.

The investigation was wrapped up just after midnight.  The team encouraged the clients to set rules, boundaries, and limitations, and to give only positive energies out whenever they heard, saw, or felt anything they couldn’t identify.  Trevor requested that one of the objects downstairs – a replica suit of armor purchased at a now-defunct book store in another town – be removed and placed in the garage for at least one week, to see if the clients noticed any difference in the activity.  His reasoning was that perhaps there was something attached to the armor, and therefore, removing it from the home may alleviate what the clients are experiencing.  The clients agreed to follow Trevor’s suggestion.


Data review and analysis is still ongoing.  Results of this investigation will be posted after the team has concluded the review and analysis and presented our findings directly to the clients.

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