Good morning.  We have a few things to update everyone about, so let’s get to it.

We have finally completed the review and analysis of the data gathered during our most recent investigation, and we are now working to arrange a date to meet with our clients and present our findings.  We do have an investigation coming up this weekend (info to come in a new post), and next weekend, we are investigating a local private residence (info to come in a new post), so arranging a date that will work for everyone is a bit of a challenge.  But, we will make it happen; we always do.

Since the investigation, the clients have been making an effort to keep us updated about their situation.   From what they have shared with us, the activity seems at times to be about the same, while at other times, it seems there is more physical interaction with the living.  Until we have met with our clients and shared our findings with them, however, we cannot comment on the situation.  What we can say is that we are allowing for the possibility of a second investigation before the end of the year.

With Halloween right around the corner, we feel it’s necessary to remind people that we do not conduct investigations on Halloween night, nor will we accept requests for investigations on that night.   The reason is simple:  Halloween night is typically a night that deliberately includes things meant to be scary.  We have worked too hard for too long to allow ourselves to put our credibility, integrity, and respect at risk by working on a night like that.  So, if you’re experiencing activity you can’t explain and you want it investigated before Halloween, please talk to a team in your area.  If we are the only team you want, you will wait until the day after Halloween to contact us.  We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Updates about our two upcoming investigations will be posted soon.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Not investigating on Halloween is a great idea, you guys have too much integrity to “stunt” on Halloween… Looking forward to yout investigation updates!

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