Case #6, Results

Date:  Sept. 28, 2013

Location:  Brooks, Alberta, private residence

Claims:  child acting out of character, seeing apparitions (full list here)

Case Status:  Closed


On Sunday, Dec. 2, we were finally able to meet with our clients.  Robyn and Holly shared the team’s findings with the clients while Shae conducted a complete house cleansing.  We were happy to learn that in the time since our investigation, the activity had dramatically decreased; both the mother and the grandmother had only one or two incidents to report.  This was very good news, and we encouraged the grandmother to continue taking ownership of her home and enforcing that claim as often and as firmly as she feels she needs to.

During our preliminary investigation, we found that the entire home is being bombarded with extremely high EMF levels.  In more than one area, the levels were so high they all but buried the needles on the detectors.  Careful examination of the areas where these levels are very high showed that a “fear cage” effect is occurring in various areas of the home – including in the child’s bedroom.  The laundry area in the basement is directly below the child’s bedroom.  The appliances in that laundry area are emitting extremely high levels of electromagnetic energy, bombarding everything within a four-foot radius – including the child’s bedroom. We have encouraged our clients to address those issues as soon as possible, as prolonged exposure to such high EMF levels can be dangerous.

Where the child’s behavior is concerned, it is our opinion that he is a normal toddler.  We know that toddlers often talk to themselves, their toys, and even to people we can’t see.  Because the child in this case is the only child in the home, we encouraged our clients to consider engaging him more often by inviting him to help with dishes or meals or other small things.  This will not only minimize his exposure to the high EM energy being emitted by the television, it will also make him feel more visible to the adults around him and less inclined to act out to get attention.

During our evening investigation, some of the team members did report the sensation of being touched and feeling the presence of someone watching them.  Unfortunately, we cannot attribute these experiences to anything paranormal because the EMF levels in the home are so high.

At this time, because of the high levels of electromagnetic energy bombarding the entire home, we are unable to either confirm or deny the presence of either residual or intelligent paranormal phenomena.  However, Shae has provided our clients with the tools they need to keep their home free of any negative energies, and the knowledge to maintain that freedom.  We were also able to provide them with information about EMF and the effects it can have, as well as some suggestions about how to minimize and/or greatly reduce the amount of electromagnetic energy being emitted.  We encouraged them to learn more about EMF and its effects so they can become more proactive about taking control of both their home and their lives.

We want to extend our thanks to our clients for welcoming us into their home, for providing us with overnight accommodation, and for sharing their time and energy during the interview process as well as the investigation itself.   We especially appreciate their generosity in keeping us supplied with coffee during the investigation. We also extend our appreciation to them for taking part in the investigation; active participation creates a sense of empowerment, and we fully support and encourage that.  If further activity should occur in spite of the house cleansing Shae performed, we will return for a follow-up investigation.

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