Thanks, Team!

Since its formation in 2008, Wolf Paranormal Investigations has worked hard and undergone a lot of changes to become one of the top investigative teams in Calgary and outlying areas.  New members, a new, more in-depth website, and several changes in the way we conduct our investigations has been of significant help, but the biggest and most important reason for our success is our clients.  On behalf of the entire team, I want to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of them for inviting us into their lives and entrusting us with their experiences.

Wolf Paranormal Investigations began with only two people, one of which left three years after WPI’s inception. In those first three years, investigations were limited to cemeteries, a couple of homes of people we knew, and my home.  Twice, we went out of town to investigate a location reported to be haunted.  But, there were no clients, and there was no team growth.  Well, we did get a new member, but the co-founder left the team shortly afterwards, and I was on my own, trying to teach someone with no experience while at the same time, trying to bring WPI into a brighter spotlight.  In the end, however, WPI wasn’t really going anywhere, and when Robyn came on board less than a month after the co-founder left, I was at a point where I had lost my confidence in myself and in my ability to turn Wolf Paranormal into a real team doing real work that truly mattered.  The situation with the new person was not working out at all, and I had reached a point where I was ready to just close up shop and let Wolf Paranormal disappear into the void.  It was solely because of Robyn’s determination and constant encouragement that I didn’t do that, and now, here we are, strong, united, and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

People sometimes get upset with us because we don’t automatically accept things like orbs as evidence.  But it’s because we don’t just accept such things out of hand that people are reaching out to us for help.  They are learning through watching videos of our investigations that we don’t present anything as evidence unless (a) it has been thoroughly scrutinized by the entire team, and (b) there is unanimous agreement that it should be presented.  Admittedly, earlier videos made when WPI was still in its infancy do contradict that, but I was still learning, and – like many still are – I was certain that orbs were, in fact, actual spirits.  I’ve learned a great deal about orbs since then, and today, we do not present them as evidence unless there is some kind of audio or video data captured at the same moment they appeared.

The point of this posting is this:  The Wolf Paranormal Investigations team has worked very hard over the past couple of years, and it shows.  We are strong, united, and we are continuing to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with these incredible people – Robyn, Trevor, Shae, Michele, and Megan – and I look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come.

Thanks for being so awesome, Team!

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