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This past Monday (Mar. 31), our team was interviewed on a radio program on blogtalk radio.  We had been invited a couple of weeks earlier to guest on the show.  We had to iron out some details and co-ordinate schedules, but in the end, all but one of us was able to take part in the event.  It was a fantastic interview; the hosts had a variety of really good questions for all of us, and people in the chat room had some really great questions, too – several of them proved to be quite thought-provoking.  If you wish to listen to the show, which is now archived, just click this link (a new window will open for you), sit back, and enjoy.  If you’d like, you can even leave a comment in the Comment section near the bottom of the page.  And please forgive any shakiness of voice you may hear; some of us were a little nervous…

In other news, our upcoming investigation has been temporarily postponed.  If the weather forecast is accurate and we get the sun and warm temperatures being promised, the grounds are going to be terribly slushy and mucky, and although no one wants to slog through a lot of that, our greatest concern about it is the noise contamination created in the process.  So, we’ve decided to wait until things dry out a bit.  We’ll keep you posted on this.

This past weekend, our website was down due to a server outage.  We want to thank everyone who kept monitoring the website and letting us know when it was finally up and running again, and to express our appreciation for being so patient and understanding while the host providers worked to get their systems back up and running so they could get us and all the other affected websites up and running again, too.

With spring finally making its way to us, it’s almost time to brush off the doggie back-pack and resume the canine ghost detection testing sessions with Glimmer.  She is now 18 months old (she’ll be 19 months on April 10th), and in the time between her last test and now, she’s learned and experienced several things which we hope will prove valuable in these tests.  Please stay tuned; it won’t be much longer, now, before she’s back in the field.

At this time, we want to thank everyone who has subscribed to our adventures through this blog, YouTube, and other social media sites.  We really appreciate you!

Have a great day and a great rest of the week!

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